• Consolidate our membership for maximum Marketing impact and exposure.
  • Fund and publish the industry’s finest directory each year, and distribute to up to 10,000 high end property owners, custom lot owners, developers.
  • Powerful online presence through EVLHA’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + pages, and linking them to our customers.
  • Help educate homeowners on building procedures and practices that ensure an enjoyable successful project.
  • Help educate our industry on good pricing, corporate citizenship and industry best practices.
  • Meet and lobby with local government officials to improve permit and inspection processes.
  • Sponsor intimate members only social events to build face-to-face business relationships and opportunities.

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As one of our valued building partners, we would like to invite you to apply for membership to EVLHA – East Valley Luxury Home Association. This is an exclusive group of hand-picked companies related to building luxury homes in the areas of Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler/Ahwatukee/Queen Creek/Gold Canyon/Fountain Hills.

EVLHA is a non-profit entity led by a volunteer Board of 6 leading companies in the Mesa/Chandler/Gilbert/Queen Creek/Gold Canyon/Ahwatukee area. We are driven by the top 5 Architectural Design Firms and 8 Luxury Home Builders in this region, who have all joined our group. If you would like to meet and strengthen your relationship with us, get to know the owners personally, and help be a part of this exclusive group of the finest companies building luxury homes in the East Valley, please apply.

Members of EVLHA form strong, loyal working relationships together through our networking socials, and common vision to building our businesses. Our dues fund a beautifully rendered resource directory mailed out each year to 1000s of homeowners looking to build their next custom home, and our digital presence in internet and social media outlets. Together we benefit from a powerful marketing engine that we could never afford as individual companies.

Membership is capped to a certain amount of each business type. Applicants will be accepted in the order they are received, and then closed once full.

Your membership entry is not guaranteed. After submitting this application, the Board will review and approve it based on the principles which govern our Association (all information will be kept strictly confidential):

  • Company’s record and reputation (BBB and ROC), including financial stability and payment practices
  • Quality of products and services
  • Commitment to high ethical standards
  • History of successful teamwork with other companies
  • Responsible business citizenship that supports our industry’s health

If you meet these criterion and want to become a member, please fill out the Membership Application and submit. Please allow up to 30 days for a decision on your acceptance.