The East Valley Luxury Home Association (EVLHA, prounounced “EV-Luh”) was formed in 2015 by 6 leading companies, with the goal of consolidating a group of the finest Architectural Design, Builder and Trade Companies in the South East Valley (Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Awhatukee, and beyond)

In today’s market, innocent clients are often misled to entrusting their dream home’s construction to unestablished, inexperienced businesses. Many have little design aptitude, training or experience. Others are financially unstable, or ill-equipped to meet the quality demands and timetables on a large scale luxury home. They can affect the quality and results of your dream home, and create unexpected delays and costs.


EVLHA members are the best designers, builders, trades and craftsmen you can find. Though most members of EVLHA serve the entire valley, state or beyond, we are specialists in the Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler/Queen Creek/Gold Canyon/Ahwatukee region. Our experience with land owners, developments, HOAs, Design Review Boards, city inspectors and building codes in these areas make us more efficient, cost competitive and knowledgeable than others.

Joining EVLHA is not automatic. One’s application must be approved by the EVLHA Board. The applicant must have a proven track record and reputation, and a clean record with the BBB and AZ ROC. Those companies that fall short of EVLHA standards are not accepted into EVLHA.


Members of EVLHA form synergistic relationships, lasting friendships, and mutual trust. Together, they ensure that the expectations of the homeowner, architectural designer and builder are met or exceeded. No one is obligated to award business, no one is guaranteed a job, and there are no commissions involved. All must earn their business with performance, quality and value. With this understanding, EVLHA members are extremely cost competitive, but give a homeowner the security that they are getting the best possible solution to building their home.

EVLHA members share in a united marketing platform that spans print and digital markets, to reach our homeowner clients in targeted, meaningful ways. But ultimately it is the personal relationships and bonds created within our association that create better working solutions for clients, and opportunities for our businesses to grow and prosper.


EVLHA clients are homeowners, large scale remodelers, investors and developers. These clients want competitive cost solutions, but do not want to settle for inferior quality products and services.


EVLHA members work on the vast majority of luxury homes being built in our region. As such, we carry positive influence and political voice to the Zoning, Permitting and Inspection bodies in these cities, which in turn lowers your building costs and streamlines inefficiencies and delays.


We hope you benefit from the use of our resource directory, website, and vast network of experienced professionals when looking for solutions to build your next home. We will continue to grow, and help beautify our communities, and create positive equity for our valued clients.

To our fellow trades, craftsmen and suppliers to the luxury home industry: if you are committed to excellence and can meet our stringent standards of EVLHA membership, we invite you to join us.

For further information, please CONTACT US.

Board of Directors

EVLHA’s Board of Directors is comprised of 6 leading business owners – 2 architectural designs, 2 home builders, 2 suppliers – with extensive experience in the luxury home industry and beyond. Each Board member is an unpaid volunteer, serving to help EVLHA’s membership grow, enhance our community, and ensure that our industry is prepared to more efficiently serve our clients. Each position is open to annual elections by membership vote starting for 2018, and all members are encouraged to contribute in our goals.

  • Lane Cook – EVLHA Board Member

    A native Arizonan, Lane received a B.A. from BYU, an International MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School, and has lived abroad for 9 years. Lane left the corporate world in 2002 and founded Visionmakers, and is a passionate student of historical architecture and design. He has travelled through Greece, Italy and other architectural wonders. Lane loves his work creating beautiful monuments that will stand for generations. He is happily married to Kathryn Cook, has 4 beautiful children, and loves all things Arizonan, especially the Suns, Diamondbacks and Cardinals. Lane is a passionate advocate for cancer survivors and cancer research.

  • Alan House- EVLHA Treasurer

    Alan received a B.S. from SIU, an MBA from University of Phoenix and founded iPLAN in 1996 after a career in aerospace engineering with the goal of bringing aerospace design and quality processes to architectural design. Alan has served on the Board of many Design Review Boards and is a member of the Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona. Alan is involved in many charitable organizations, especially ones that involve children interested in architecture or aviation.

  • Benjamin Scheier – EVLHA President

    Before graduating with an Environmental Design degree from San Diego State University, Ben was already getting his 'real world' education with one of the most prestigious residential architectural firms in La Jolla-Island Architects. After college was complete, he moved out to AZ. along with his then fiancé (now wife of 20 years) to branch out on his own. He joined iPLAN, LLC in 1998 as a project manager and quickly became partner and now co-owner. With his abilities and talents on full display, he has helped take iPLAN, LLC from a busy production drafting service to a premiere luxury home design studio. The combination of an obvious passion for design, boundless energy, effortless client communication, and real estate expertise helps Ben guide his clients through a sometimes daunting endeavor with ease. When not creating and designing, Ben spends time with an amazing wife and two fantastic (most of the time) teenage children. Favorite football team, music genre, color, and caliber disclosed at first design meeting.

  • Sean Roberts – EVLHA Director of Recruiting

  • Jason Check – EVLHA Board Member

    Jason Check is an ambitious, highly motivated individual with a unique ability to get things done. A businessman and highly devoted husband and father of four, he believes his family and faith are the foundation for his success in every aspect of his life. He has been able to gain great experience and knowledge over the years through hard work and discipline. He was taught by his father at a young age that you will always get out of something what you put into it. He believes in setting the mark high and going for it. In 2004 Jason formed E & A Development LLC, which builds new luxury homes. E & A Development has quickly developed a great reputation as the premier builder in the East Valley. Jason Check continues to work hard to develop and improve his business each year. Every new home he builds brings about a unique set of challenges that they carefully prepare for prior to the start of each job. He continues to build his company each year and has surrounded himself with qualified tradesman to help him be a top rated builder.